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Beauty has many forms, but the most beautiful thing is confidence in yourself ✌🏻💁🏻‍♀️✨ #sexyandiknowit
I didn’t know big bro duties included tummy time... 😒 #thingsyoudoforlove #kuyabarkley
#throwbackthursday to a happy bouncy bumble, can’t wait for nice warm sunny days 🌤
Baby Chopin👶🍼✨ ・ ・ ・ ショパンをお迎えした @hedgehoghome.cafe さんから、ショパンの小さい頃の写真をいただきました🙏🏻✨ ショパンは生後半年でお迎えしたので「小さい頃も見たかったな〜」という気持ちが少しだけありましたが、この写真を見て涙😭✨ 元気に大きくなってくれて、家族になってくれてありがとう🙏🏻✨ 2枚目はなぜかそらくんハウス(@ayabribrick)でくつろいでるベビーショパン🤣
food, food on the wall. who’s trying to be the fattest of them all? 🐷 also, please fall down so i can eat you.  #snowwhite #snowpug #pugaday #piratepugjack
We had the best day 😍 loving the snow!! #airyvest
What a difference 2 days makes.....a sunny beach on Monday and a snowy park on Wednesday 🌤🌨
How do I look😏🦔✨ ・ ・ ・ 買ってから一度も着てなくて後悔している服をショパンにあげました🤣
Ichimi🌾  浅草橋ねこ休み展で販売のTシャツやグッズは雪の影響で遅延がなければ土曜日にギャラリーに並ぶ予定です!!(1点物が多いです)
Lately, late night walks and long night talks have been my favorite. Photo by @_littleroamer
the king of tongue out tuesday. #tot #pugaday #piratepugjack
Hog Story🦔🐖✨ Chopin and Hamm ・ ・ ・ 回し車の下で寝るのが好きだけど、寝床にあるお気に入りのタオルも捨てがたいショパン🤔でも飼主としては寝床で寝て欲しい😅 昨晩はなんかいつもと違う音がするな〜と思ったら、回し車の下にタオルを持って行って上手にくるまって寝ていました🤣最近タオルかみかみしてたのはこの為か🤣🤣🤣 寝床から回し車の下まで(70cmくらい)頑張ってくわえて行った姿を想像して🤤😍な飼主でした😌✨
a very serious case of the mondays. #pugaday #piratepugjack
Love it when we have people over! #morerubs #theyhavenochoice
Probably the best present you could find under your Christmas tree.
Good night❤️22:25 in Japan.
#ゆるしっばー #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園
The baked potato transformation process is exhausting. Extra naps must be added to the schedule for optimum baking. 🐶 to 🥔
who wants to snuggle?? #pugaday #piratepugjack
背中をさすられるとぺろぺろしたくなるよちゅと、それをみて楽しくなってしまったぽんちゃんのゔー。 #わさびちゃんち #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん #ぽんちゃん保育園
No cell service for the next week or so, but we get to enjoy views like this off the deck 🌄
He was a Sk8ter Hog🦔🛹🎶✨ ・ ・ ・ #なりきりショパン シリーズ、今日はスケーター🦔🛹✨ @5by5chihiro さんのキャップ🧢✨
よちゅは、あまり猫同士で毛づくろいをしません。するとしたら姉妹のしっばーだけ。ぽんちゃんと人間には毎日毛づくろいをしてくれる不思議ちゃんです。 #わさびちゃんち #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん #ぽんちゃん保育園
“It’s Friday. I’ve got not one, but two party hats on. And no pants. I’m ready to party. Who’s with me?!” #bypartyyoumeannappingright
lazy fridays are the best fridays. #pugaday #piratepugjack
Ride on my hat🦔〜✨ ・ ・ ・ お出かけ連れて行け〜って言ってるみたい🤤🤣✨ 2枚目のお顔好き🦔😍✨
hey friends. tonight my mom cooked for me. i will sit here and wait for more. forever. #pugaday #piratepugjack
Cats are majestic beasts from every angle, especially their Clean Paws and little toe beans! Unfortunately, of all the cats that end up in shelters, only half get adopted. In an effort to celebrate cats and help more of them find forever homes, we’re helping @freshstep spread the word about the #catsonglass pop up gallery in LA, an interactive gallery featuring adoptable cats! The gallery is open ‪until 1/27‬; go to the link in Sam’s story or bio for more info and to help support cat adoption. #ad
#tbt “Its POURING here in Philly, so here’s a photo of me basking in the summer sun, looking majestic AF.”
😬〜💘✨ ・ ・ ・ アルくん(@tacakotan)にあこがれてタオルはむはむ🤣
LINEスタンプ発売しました!! 使いどころあるスタンプにしたつもりです(画像参照) よろしくお願いします🥺  #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園 #lineスタンプ
125 Niland Ave
my favorite people to chase burritos and eat sunsets with
When your friends Tom and Jerry are acting ridiculous so you pretend you don’t know them 😒
今日もぽんちゃんとよちゅコンビ❄️ 父さんが仕事の話をしていたのでオルゴールの音色で☕️ #しばふちゃんとよつばちゃん #わさびちゃんち #ぽんちゃん保育園
Happy #sullysunday 💙
“Alright. I give in. My #tenyearchallenge “ #bakedpotatolife
My family and I wanted to share our deepest condolences to @buddyboowaggytails and fam. We are so sad to hear of Boo’s passing. Before I came along my ma was obsessed with Boo on Facebook. Truly the OG famous pup whom we all look up to. RIP Boo..you’ve lived an amazing life. Thank you for making us smile! We will miss you! #flashbackfriday #babybarkley age 2 months
Dreaming of the summer 🌞🌻🐢
Remnants of a photo shoot or when Ma comes home late and think she has a brilliant idea 🧐 #tgif
Hammy has a new friend who came to visit for a few weeks - meet Gio! They take naps together, birdwatch together and even partake in recreational catnip every now and then. (Swipe for video - Gio is much more polite with his nip) #mustachecat
Why can’t I play with lil sissy’s toys? #notfair #sharingiscaring #kuyabarkley
When ma tells you that she wants her fuzzy blanket but you know that’s not gonna happen.
Pudge is trying to fit herself in this drawer organizer after binging every episode of @mariekondo’s Netflix show #pudgethecat
Thank you everyone for all the donations! Because of you we met our goal to help our friend @bonjournino !  For anymore updates on our friend, please check out their IG.  We love how supportive and caring this community is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ___________________________________ Update: Ooh we. First and foremost: WE LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! Tearing up as we type this. For reals. All the love, and messages, and pawsitive vibes, sage buring, crystals, meditation, etc. must have worked because your boy IS COMING HOME! Yes, it is true. I will live to fart another day, and I most definitely will on this new "healthy heart, healthy farts" diet that I'm gonna be on. So here's the deal upon my discharge: I still got the #pulmonaryhypertension, this is SECONDARY. What could be causing it? Either primary lung disease, or embolic disease (peep the pics.) This isn't something that can be cured, and I've got my meds that will help manage it. This is something that I'll have to live with and #flaf against, but I'm up for the challenge, and I know I've got all of you out there pulling for me, and hopefully that's gonna keep me around for some more adventures with my homies. Special shout out to all the staff at Tufts that took care of me, and pretty much saved my butt. We are lucky to have you here in MA, and not just for us dogs, but for lil hedgehogs and big ol horses too! So love and hugs and farts and all that good stuff to you all, y'all the real MVPs! I'm home now, chillin' on @creativedexterity ‘s lap, and catching up The Office for the millionth time...seriously lady the "Kevin's chili" episode again? I'll be back with more updates, since I'm on #chillmode for a bit to see how I handle being at home.  #comebackseason #lfg #hearthealth #farthealth
Pudge serving side-eye in the tub 😑  #judgepudge #rubadubdubpudgeinatub
Arwwwww bumble has never mastered the leap and catch technique 😂😍#throwbackthursday
Just wanted to sneak in and say Happy New Year 🎉 and hello 👋🏻
‘It’s ok Honey....I’m here for you, just a couple of photos and we can go and play’
How many Pudge’s can you spy in the painting from @depicteur on the wall? 🧐 #fridapudgehlo #depicteur #pudgefanart
Real women have curves 🍐 #pudgethecat
Merry Christmas from baby Hammy!  #mustachecat
Who isn’t cranky when they first wake up... #mustachecat
猫を飼っているお家へ質問✋ お雛様出す時ってどうしてますか?🎎 ケース飾りを選べばよかったのですが、悩みに悩んだ末やはり気に入ったケースなしの雛人形を購入。 しかし、どうやって飾るか…🤔 少し大きめなのでアクリルケースも特注するしかなく見積もりとったらなんと約8万円!! ん〜。。ソル君進入禁止の寝室に飾る?でもたまにこっそり入って探検してるよ笑 みなさんはどうしてるのでしょうか〜!!おしえてっ🧐
How every night ends during office holiday party season... #mustachecat
Mountains of fluff... #mustachecat
お花もクリスマスカラー🎄✨ . ソル君昨日は予防注射に行ってきました💉 . 1年間で400gも太ってしまっていました🙀💦 . クリスマスが終わったらダイエットしましょう!笑 . @bloomeelife お花の定期便💐 . 初回無料クーポンでぜひお試しを❤️ . クーポンコード:tomiinya ※有効期限:2018年1月31日 . #bloomeelife #お花のある暮らし #花と猫 #シャムトラ #猫との暮らし
Good morning😸 9:05 in Japan.
🎁Everyone loves gifts and I have one for you! 🎁 I’ve partnered with @thelitterrobot for their 12 days of Christmas giveaway and it’s my turn to host.  Two lucky winners will get their very own Open Air III Connect Unit and a year supply of litter. Enter by clicking the link in my bio or by going to free.litter-robot.com  Check out @thelitterrobot for the winner announcement and don’t forget every day is a new chance to enter!  Due to shipping, this contest is only open to folks in the US and you must be 13 years or older at the time of entry.  #mustachecat #freelitterrobot #sponsored #gifts #christmas2018
うんまっうんまっ😻💦💓 #ちいさな贅沢 どころじゃねーぜ! . このクリスマスツリー最高かよっ🎄❣️ . . . #cat #猫 #ネコ #シーバ #とろーりメルティ #爆食い  #クリスマス #クリスマス猫 #ちいさな贅沢 #pr #猫との暮らし
All asleep now until March 🐢💤🐢💤🐢💤 @jumblegriffon will miss them #brusselsgriffon
Happy Halloween 🐳🦀🤣 Sound on 🔊 #mermaid
It’s a good spot.. #somnium
#somnium has decided to call it an early night; just found him under the greenhouse 💤💤
Banana monster 🍌
Behind the scenes with “Instagram model”  Eleven the bunny 📷. Eleven aka “Ellie” was discovered in some blackberry bushes on the side of the road #rescuebunny #werkitgurl  Photographer @bunnymama  Hair & makeup @worriedpotato
Why I haven’t been on IG  Dear friends,  I just wanted to thank you for being so supportive, encouraging, accepting and kind to me. 💕
When you cut your own bangs 💇🏻😐
He's terrible at hiding 😂 #goodtrythough
This is Stumphrey sleeping rn. #nofilterused #perfectionneedsnoadjustments #😭#lookathistongueandsnot #lovehimsofckingmuch
If ur wondering wut It’s like trying to get my 🍞🍞to walk when it’s 90°F outside- goes something like this:  I calmly walk over to this beast (who, yes, is chilling RIGHT infront of the air purifier-cold air blowing in his face), then I hold up his harness n say, “Corgi!! It’s walk time!! Yaaay!! *me jumping up n down* walk!! Whooo!!yayayay!!” And this is his reaction every friggin’ time- disgusted look (pic for reference), loud annoyed sigh, & head turned upwards n away from me.  #me* #ohmygaw.. #nervouslaughter* #ididntrealizethesunwasstillout #please #forgivemedoncorgnelone #kissingpaw* #backingawaycrying*
On any given day, Stumphrey’s momo looks adorb, but after bath days.... after day days!! whoooooo-eeeeee!! His momo’s on another level. I mean, just look at it!! #stumpstump* #momcanu.. #plzstopsqueezingmybooty / #mmmm... #requestdenied #squeeeeze* / #sigh*
Look at him 😭. I still have to actively suppress the urge to squeeeeze him to death. #dailychecklist #no15 #donotsqueezedogstodeath #shakilycheckingoff* #whewww!! #thatwasafckingtoughonetoday!! (#WhoAmIKidding #itstougheveryday #lookathim!! #😭)
[walking w the boys]  Stranger: Ur dogs are so cute, r they wearing vests? // Me: No, they’re in harnesses. // Stranger: Oh, how cute! Are those better than collars? // Me: i have no idea- I just personally use harnesses cuz collars... well, they gotta go around a dog’s neck and I have NOO idea where their necks are. // Stranger: ...huh? #iknowyallgetit #itdbelikecollaringabodypillow #oranawkwardegg
Guarding the king. 👶🏻✨👑
I just wanted to take one pic w the boys where at least one of us wasn’t blurry. Instead, i got this!! Special shoutout to the neighbor who got us to simultaneously look up by setting off a firework. Thank u, sir! But also, WHY. IT’S JULY 12th. #why
All buttoned up with a built in infinity scarf. #fashion #workclothes
Stay toasty, my friends.🥶🔥 #polarvortex #chicagoisfrozen #winterishere
#tbt “When you put on your best winter fashions and end up looking like an old lady” #ithappens
Pudge is an independent woman that doesn’t like to be held for too long but when she does, she always prefers being held like a baby. ❤️❤️ captured by @nylonsaddle
“Saturday mornings are for hogging the pillows and smelling like feet.” #adayinthelifeofotter #justperfect
Oranges for keke
My current chill place  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram
Somethin's squeeshing mah face  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Its too early to be waking up  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster
Who woke me up? 😡  #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram #hamstergram #syrianhamster #hamster
Do you like the view from my back? :3  #syrianhamsters #hamstergram #hamsterlove #hamstersofinstagram
👋🏻Hi! It’s been a while.
Happy Friday 👀
Weekends. 🌾☀️🌊
Oh hai. I'm back. 👋🏼
Game face on.
Typical Friday night in. 👀
Out of town and missing the fur babies 💕